Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I was thinking of some decorating ideas that could possibly stir up some ideas of your own. Some ideas are included in an article I submitted in the Dec/Jan issue of the Prim Sisters Gazette. There are usually many momentos that we have of our loved ones that are tucked into the back of a closet or cabinet for safe keeping. Think of the items you have in a new way. You want to have them for sentimental reasons because these may have belonged to loved ones who've passed. Think of these items as small treasures you can share with other family members who will be thrilled with the memories. Wouldn't you rather have them be physically tangible and out there to remember them by than tucked away in a box?
If you have an old tablecloth that was always on your grandmothers table...can you use pieces of it in projects for yourself as well as other family members. The warm winter shirt from your grandfather or tattered wool coat of your favorite aunt can become treasures. I know it may be hard at first to take scissors to them but bring those memories from your closets to the every day living in your homes. Turn those items into long thin stockings, minature tree skirts, table runner & pockets for tucking in decorations. If you make a fabric pocket out of something special...you can prim stain it then fill it with greens, cinnamon sticks, a vintage photo clothespinned onto the edge, a whisk or spoon they used to cook up memorable holiday meals, or maybe sew on a couple of tackle box treasures. Bring out an old tool box of your uncles and set a miniature tree inside it with some pretty Christmas greens and tiny lights. Use the skates that you or your relatives skated with as curtain holders at the top of your windows. Use the small tab at the back of the skate to attach to either side of the top of your windows and slide a long length of stained muslin or warm plaid material through the blade in the space between the blade and the bottom of the skate. Bring out special dishes from loved ones table settings and use them to display ornaments, rag balls, salt dough ornies, etc.
I wish each of you a very blessed Christmas and an extra special wish for some new memories with some old treasures!! Lots of hugs to you all!!! Blessings, Dawn


  1. Hi Dawn! Great ideas, makes me wish that I had kept even more...but DH would have choked if I tried to store another thing!! But I do have some old containers and a few odds and ends that were from Mom and Dad when they married over 60 years ago that will be re-purposed. I have an old wash tub stuffed with baby's breath and poinsetta stems on a table, looks great. You are inspiring, my friend, thank you for the great ideas! Christmas blessings to you and yours. ~ Nancy♥

  2. Dawn,you are sooo creative! great ideas hon! TFS!

  3. Hi Dawn!!! Hope all is well!!! LOVE YOUR NEW ITEMS!! You did a great job painting them as always. Very talented gal!!! Hope you come to my live chat Monday night Dec 14th!! Love to chat with ya! Happy Holidays! Hugs Vicky


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