Monday, June 15, 2009

Upcycled Summer Treasures

Finally we are into a spring/summer weather pattern. The snow has let up for the time being here at nearly 9000 feet. Venturing into town can be an adventure now not for the winter driving skills but for garage and yard sales. Going through the local paper the night before and planning your quest for undiscovered treasures is essential to success. Be prepared with your money separated into different pockets or areas of your purse. You don't want to pull out a few $20 dollar bills to bargain with. Break it up into dollar bills and five dollar bills. Plan ahead. When you have an idea for a project you would like to make write in a small notebook and bring it along with you. For example...if you want to make a shabby chic light fixture with candles... list an old light fixture with several arms. List old/vintage small teacups and saucers. List old chain, spray paint, hardware pieces, old jewelry...on and on... Make sure next to the items to put a notation that you are "planning" on a candle light fixture with these items. If you have a photo you've copied/cut out of a magazine or online...tape or paste it with your list of items needed. If you know that the area you are wanting to make this lighting fixture for needs a 4 foot chain... put the measurements of how much chain you will need.
Open your imagination this summer. Use an old tin camping coffee pot with the lid on it for a birdhouse. Take off the center knobs to reveal a small opening where the birds can come and go from their new home. Tip the pot on its side and screw in some eye hooks on opposite ends of the handles to attach small chain to suspend the birdhouse. You can also use old coffee pots for floral arrangements with electric candles for a pretty accent to your kitchen. The coffee pots can be used for plants as well. They are self contained so nice for things like this.
I'll be going through some upcycling ideas and hopefully some before and after pictures to go along with them. I'd like to do some seasonal things as well.
Harvest your blessings and happy beginning of summer!!!

Harvest Your Blessings