Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Memories

I love love love to look through the local secondhand stores for unfound treasures. One of the big thrills for me is to find something that invokes special memories. I remember moving things around and seeing these small rainboots in our Goodwill. I quickly picked them up and flashed back to wearing similar rainboots as a little girl.
I remember waking up before school and hearing the rain softly tapping the windows letting me know that I would get to wear my favorite boots. I'd grab my brown lunch bag, my shiny raincoat, my most favorite bubble umbrella and splash my way up the street wearing my boots. During the brief walk to my school on days like that I don't recall hearing the dogs barking, friends voices as they raced hurriedly to school, or really even thought of the day ahead of me. I was insulated a bit from the biting wind that swirled around me snapping the bottom of my raincoat against my legs. I'd watch the condensation form on the inside of my umbrella and wipe a spot to see thru as I walked. It's a wonder I didn't walk into mailboxes or stumble face first into the ditches lining the road because I would study the drops of rain as they slid gently down the umbrella. I thought how lovely it was that something that I believed fell from heaven landed precisely on me. It felt special.
The smells as it rained are still a special memory for me. How would I describe that precious fresh aroma that danced through the air during the rain and give it justice? The newly damp smell of the rain splashing onto the gravel and as it wound between the rocks had it's own unique smell. The unmistakeable lift you would feel as you walked past a yard full of newly blooming lilac bushes and freshly mowed grass. It fills your heart♥ It was a simple time and I look on it so fondly. I'm grateful that despite the many many years since I slid my eager socks into the rainboots...I still smile at the beads of rain streaming down the windows. The fragrance of lilacs even now gives me such joy.
I wanted to share this idea for a display with each of you. I added some pretty flowers inside of each boot. I also want to rejoice and eagerly welcome the spring that is just around the corner. I wish many beautiful new spring memories for you all!!
Blessings, Dawn

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