Saturday, October 23, 2010

I am Harvesting My Blessings ♥

Wow I can not believe how long it's been since I've been on my blog! It's a combination of things but my confidence is motivating me to do much better at doing so. We are enjoying the beautiful autumn here. I hope you are taking in the colors, smells, and the feelings of fall too!
I am an autumn girl! Waking up to a crisp cool morning and seeing wisps of fog hoovering over the pond up our road is beautiful to me. I sat at the top of the long stairway on the front of our home enjoying it. There was just enough of a breeze to rustle the gold and brown speckled leaves on the aspens. I'm not sure there are words to describe the aroma of autumn ♥ The dewy leaves that have come to rest along the ground seem to leave a lasting impression on my heart before they crumble beneath the snow.

I always think I remember EXACTLY the fragrances of the leaves as they nestle together on the damp ground. That is until... the first breezes of autumn reach me with that aroma again. It is a blend of familiar memories and the realization that a new season has again come. There is something calming yet awakening about precious autumn. That warm feeling of nestling into a blanket while a crisp breeze dances past you. The comfort of my coat pulled close around me while both the wind and aromas of autumn swirl around my feet and race up to lift my hair as if to play.

So many times I will be driving and I feel compelled to stop along the road. As I walk up along the tall grass by the sloping field, if I'm quiet enough, I see several deer resting. One time in particular, I could see their ears turn so slightly towards me yet they didn't lift to run away. I could see the slightest details of steam rising from under the deer and the leaves nestled under the trees. Seeing them at rest has a comforting appeal to me. It is also reassuring to me that God has placed an awareness in each of us to prepare for what is coming. The new seasons that await us. Harvest, store, prepare for the new season ahead. He speaks to me in that way and I'm joyful that He loves me and awakens me to this.

These last several months have been a journey in faith, confidence, gratitude and hopefulness to me. Waiting to step out and place my work where it can be critiqued, enjoyed or even inspire is difficult at times. I think when I put a piece of myself and my feelings into what I do it makes it challenging. I know that when I've finished certain pieces I often wonder whose home will this go in. Will it add something special to their nest? Will they know somehow that I wanted them to have something that I made from my heart? I know that many things will be made, things will be sold and often those moments pass with no lingering afterthought. Perhaps it is just sold to someone who doesn't look that deep into these things and that's just fine too. It is what it is. I am yielding to my heart and just opening up. I've gained wonderful friendships and new paths are ahead for me. I am becoming acquainted with myself again and receptive and so tremendously grateful for the life I've been blessed with. I want to thank my family and my friends who have lifted my heart, encouraged me, shared with me and cared for me. I especially want to thank my friend and artist Vicky Ingwersen with Olde Homestead Barn. She has been such a joy to me, truly inspiring, very giving of her knowledge and support and for that I am beyond words in my gratitude ♥ Thank you Vicky~ I'm blessed to call you my friend.

Here is to my new season... my new beginning~ I will Harvest My Blessings and this is one of my latest pieces of art. Thank you for stopping by to read my blog.... Have a blessed autumn!!! ~ Dawn ♥


Harvest Your Blessings